Florence (Naluyimba) BLONDEL

Florence (Naluyimba) BLONDEL
Florence (Naluyimba) BLONDEL

Journo #menstruationmatters #digitalmarketing #health #environment #SRHR MSc #population&Dev’t @londonschoolofeconomics & ⏯@inourworldafj 💑 @silvan.blndl

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Florence (Naluyimba) BLONDEL

Y’all Earth lovers. Today is #EarthOvershootDay - we've already used up all the natural resources the Earth can renew in a year. This means that from today, we would need another planet to sustain our consumption habits without destroying nature. #MoveTheDate

Florence (Naluyimba) BLONDEL

#Repost @popnmatters ・・・ PM Outreach Coordinator @floramujaasi asked our amazing Patron about some of the negativity she's encountered for choosing to be #childfree. No one should face stigma and hostility for making such a positive choice for people and the planet!

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