Meme Mateos

Meme Mateos
Meme Mateos

Ex-publicist? Set Designer 🎥Film, advertising & fiction #neverstop jerezana | made in 80's | Millenial 📍Cádiz | Sevilla | Madrid Next stop: never know

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Meme Mateos

🌞LOLA’s first trip around the sun🌞Happy Birthday to the funniest, cutest happy little girl! You’ve been a ray of light in this crazy intense year...specially this last month! I am gonna love you forever❤️Thank you for choosing me as your mom! P.S. YOUR GRANDMA WAS SO EAGER TO ENJOY YOU💔 . . . 🌞Primer viaje de Lola alrededor del sol🌞¡Feliz cumpleaños a la chica más divertida, graciosa y feliz! ¡Has sido una luz en un año muy loco e intenso...sobretodo en este último mes! Te voy a querer para siempre❤️¡Gracias por haberme elegido para ser tu madre! P.D. TU ABUELA TENÍA TANTAS GANAS DE DISFRUTARTE💔

Meme Mateos

...a week ago the first of the 2020 pandemial baby batch turned one year old! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, OLIVIA!❤️I hope you and the rest of the batch will get to experience as soon as possible the social proximity that this pandemic is robbing you of...💖 . . . ...hace una semana cumplía su primer añito la mayor de los bebés de la pandilla pandémial 2020 ¡FELIZ CUMPLE VIDA, OLIVIA!❤️Yo deseo que tú y esta pandilla 2020 conozcan y descubran lo antes posible la sociabilidad que esté periodo de pandemia les está quitando...💖

Meme Mateos

...L O B O F E R O Z... 🐺 #shooting . W O L F: medium to large mammal and voracious predator. F E R O C I O U S: characterized by or showing cruelty, aggressiveness and fury when attacking.

Howdy!☀️A secret🙃:...I cut my bangs...💇‍♀️ 
(...summary of my first week with bangs...)▶️💛

Meme Mateos

Howdy!☀️A secret🙃:...I cut my bangs...💇‍♀️ (...summary of my first week with bangs...)▶️💛

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